Green cape is an African insular country. This volcanic archipelago has 10 different islands and is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 640 km, at west of Dakar, Senegal.

One of the main activities for nature lovers that can be held in Green Cape is Whale watching. This is an impressive activity that consists of observing dolphins and all kinds of whales in open sea.

Besides the Portuguese, official language, the majority of its population uses the green cape “crioulo”.

Sal Island

This is one of the smallest islands of the Green Cape archipelago, about 30 km long and 12 km wide and 50 km long from Boa Vista, it’s nearest neighbour Island.

Long white sandy beaches, brought by the winds from the Saara deserts, are one of the island tourism aspects of major interest. Due to it’s mild climate, the summer season can be a bit hot, with temperatures between 24º and 30º degrees, and the winter soft, with temperatures between 16º and 24º degrees, when it might occur some rain.

Here we can observe a big number of natural and artificial salt marches. (That named the island) And natural pools as a special one known as “Buracona” in the north part of the island.

Boa Vista Island

Boa Vista Island has the longest Green Cape beaches, and has been a target for tourism investment for the past years, with several hotels and tourism facilities built. Here you can find great diving conditions among the small islands and beaches.

Boa Vista Beaches:

• Atalanta Beach

• Cabral Beach

• Santa Mónica Beach

• Varandinha Beach