Sea Turtle is a tourism company located at Cabo Verde (Green Cape), which promotes sailing animation activities such as sailing trips and excursions to Sal and Boa Vista Islands.

Oriented to an environment respecting tourism practice that lives in a balanced way with the surrounding nature, Sea Turtle services held Nature and the environment as their main attraction, defending the local species preservation and protection.

Our trips and excursions, exclusive at the sea, will show you the Boa Vista Island long beaches and the hidden bays of Sal Island, offering an intense and fulfilling sailing experience.

Our activity began about two years ago, in November 2009. At the time we only had one Catamaran Fountaine Pagot Taiti 75 with 80 persons capacity, we soon expanded our services, acquiring two Fountaine Pagot Taiti 60 with 60 persons capacity each and a Sea Ray Yacht with 20 persons capacity.

Our staff of credited professionals will assure you a joyful and permanent learning experience.


• 1 Catamaran Fountaine Pagot Taiti 75

• 2 Catamaran Fountaine Pagot Taiti 60

• 1 Sea Ray