Sea Turtle is a tourism company located at Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), which promotes sailing animation activities such as sailing trips and excursions to Sal and Boa Vista Islands.

What our clients say about Sea Turtle Catamarans

“This is a lovely, friendly, relaxing boat ride to go on. Its about 3/4 hours. The staff are so friendly and drinks are inclusive so they top you up all the time. You get a biscuit and half a sandwich so I would eat before the trip. You can go snorkeling once they stop of which is pretty coo. Overall it was amazing and would highly reccomend this boat trip.”

Nicola JaneTripadvisorMillermedia

“From start to finish this was an amazing experience! The champagne was flowing and the waves were quite gentle – though personally had hoped they would be a little more aggressive! Swam in the sea – some snorkelled. Would definitely recommend and would participate again!”

Sarah AndreTripadvisorSandrew Inc.
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Djadsal Moradias, Bloco C,
Santa Maria
Ilha do Sal – Cabo Verde
Mobile: +238 957 15 19


Av Amilcar Cabral
Boavista Sal Rey
Boa Vista – Cabo Verde
Mobile: +238 994 19 41
Phone: +238 251 22 45

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